Why did I start a blog?

This being a brand new blog, I felt it was necessary to see why I started one. Here is a little bit of my back story.

As you might have read in my “About Me” section, I am a former Marine wife. Although, if you know anything about the Marines, “Once a Marine wife, Always a Marine wife” there really is no “former”. Ooh Rah!! That culture just gets into your blood and the friendships you make aren’t like anything else in the world. It’s a bond you could never have with anyone else.

All my military wives, let me hear you!!

Being in the military you grow accustomed to many things, including moving quite a bit, for us that was about every 2+ years or so. New places, new faces, new houses, etc. You kind of have to get used to the moving because once you get just about settled down and comfortable its time to get up and go again, off to the next adventure. As we would say, “Home is where the Marine Corps sends us”. There are a lucky few who don’t move quite that often but I’m just telling my story here. Our little family lived in 3 different states (1 state two separate times) and 6 different houses or apartments all between 2005 – 2013. Yes some of those moves between houses could have been avoided but we are weirdo’s who tend to like some kind of change every so often. There are plenty of awesome military wives who work outside of the home. I personally only did for a little while. Once we started our family though, I didn’t see the benefit for us in paying someone else to care for my child. I could do that for free. The jury is still out on whether that was a good idea for my sanity or not, :D.

So what happened next?

My husband got out of his beloved Corps in 2013 and was blessed with an awesome job in the Oil/Gas industry down in Houston. Therefore, this meant that after nearly 10 years in the military we would FINALLY be back in our fantastic state of Texas again. Yeehaw! (ok y’all, I can’t pull that off) My husband and I were both born in Texas, our oldest was born in Texas and most all of our family is still in Texas. So to say we were excited was an understatement. This also meant it was also our first opportunity to buy our first house (then our second about 2 years later. Anyone sense the moving pattern still hanging on strong?)

We sold our first home shockingly quick and moved into our brand new 2nd house in late 2015 and thought “finally, we’re done moving”. We can really get settled, take our time decorating it just right and build a real life here. So many plans were made, and that’s when God laughed and threw us another curve ball. The downturn happened in oil/gas, my husband made a career move that didn’t turn out like we had hoped and then a year later he made another one, resulting in … you guessed it, another move. SERIOUSLY?! I’ll expand on this whole situation in another post one day but long story short (too late) we are now back in Oil/Gas and living temporarily in NM.

You moved again? Yes, again…

Most of this time I’ve been a stay at home mother to our 2 boys with little spurts here and there of some work outside of the home. I’ve done some direct sales and enjoyed it while it lasted. Eventually though, I just decided I didn’t really enjoy “sales” all that much. Maybe one day I’ll find something along those lines again but until then I decided that it was time to do something else in my large spans of free time. I did do some work outside of the home but, for one reason or another I always ended up back at home. Seems like it was God’s way of showing me that what He has in store for me doesn’t include having to be outside of the home at this time. Maybe someday but, not right now.

Both of our boys are in school now and I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I kept telling myself  “I’ll go back to work when they’re both in school”. It actually happened that way for a while. But I’ve had the luxury of picking up and dropping off my kids nearly each day they’ve been in school. Since moving, I’m just not willing to give that up to make a buck. I started praying, asking God to show me what it was He had in store for me. What He wanted me to do and against everything that is inside me, I waited and just let it go. (cue another famous Disney song, yep now its stuck in your head. Sorry) If you’re anything like me, you know exactly how hard it is to let a decision like that go. He kept pointing out a couple of things, including blogging. I hadn’t really thought about it before in any serious way. And to be honest, aside from reading a few here and there via Pinterest, I have never even subscribed to any. So I pinned a few blogging posts, did a little research, had a thought for a blog name float through my mind and it was available, and here we are.

Grace in the Wait was born.

Grace In the Wait


To me the name is kind of perfect, it was an inspiration directly from Him for sure. Had it been left up to me, I never would have figured out a good name. Its exactly what God has been showing me through every second of the waiting we’ve been through, grace. Grace for my impatience, grace for my frustration. For me thinking I know what’s going to happen next, when I try to do things on my own. Grace when I nearly cry, kick and scream because we had to move AGAIN. Well that’s a little dramatic, but it was pretty bad, yet He showed me grace. Through it all He’s shown me grace I’ve not shown myself especially when I don’t deserve it.  (Lets face it, that’s never).

But you need more details!

So there I am watching some vlogs on YouTube, as I catch myself doing far more often than necessary. My husband comes home for lunch and he starts watching some with me and says, “you should start vlogging”. I had thought about that too for a while but thought, “my/our life isn’t all that interesting/entertaining”. “Who would want to watch”? It felt like God was telling me not to discount something along those lines. And since vlogging is essentially just video-blogging, it felt like the right fit. Also, there is less of a chance of me stumbling over my words in writing. That very day I started doing the research I mentioned above. I pinned all the “How to be a successful blogger” pins I could find. On one of them I found a way to check and see if a domain name was already taken. At almost the exact moment I clicked that link, God laid one on my heart. So I checked to see if it was available and BAM!!!! It sure was. I could hardly believe it, this might actually be happening.

So why start a blog?

I knew there would be moments I would question this decision. Moments I would think “what are you thinking?” Times when I might wonder why anyone would read what I have to say. Conclusion? Because everyone has something to say, a story to share. I’m no different. My story won’t look like your story, its not supposed to. My story might have some twists and turns that you haven’t experienced yet. Maybe yours are just ahead and my story can help you get through it.

What makes this blog different? Not a thing.

I’m just a girl, with a laptop writing a bunch of words from her heart. Everything I write might not be relevant to you personally, but maybe you know someone who could get something from it. I WILL get things wrong some times, that’s human nature. I’m sure I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea all the time (mmmm sweet tea). But my goal is not to please everyone all of the time, that is an impossible goal. My goal is to write something you can relate to, something that can help you in your daily life.

Perhaps, my blog makes you see the world a little bit differently.

I feel like sometimes we all can be a bit closed-minded and only see things from our quiet (or not so quiet) little corner of the world. Consequently this can potentially keep us from growing. BUT if we allow it, something we read can help us to open our minds a little bit, be a little more empathetic; see things in a different way. It might not change our minds about a certain subject but it can certainly give us insight as to why others think the way they do.

I started this blog to share my thoughts, my experiences (limited as they may be at my ripe “old” age of 30-something), and everything in between. I surely didn’t intend for this to turn into a therapy session {all my posts won’t be like this, promise}. But now you know how I was lead to start this lovely little blog.


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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

Ruth 1:16 ~ But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
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