What I did on my Momcation and why I’ll be doing one every year, and so should you!!

Have you ever heard of this new word “momcation”? I genuinely thought I made it up but apparently it’s been around for at least a little while since there’s a definition in Urban Dictionary.

(n.) 1. A break from one’s motherly duties

Boy did I need one of those last year. I’m sure you can relate to wanting to take leave of your motherly duties for a little while. Most moms need to take a break from their kids every now and again, we are constantly told it’s good for us and them. The problem is we very rarely do it because the dreaded mom guilt starts to settle in.

What if they think we are abandoning them?

Will they think I don’t love them?

What will my friends and family think?

But I could think of so many other things I could use that money for..

We say all of these things until we are completely convinced we just can’t do it. Sometimes we stop there but ladies, I’m here to tell you it was 100% worth it for me to make the sacrifices to make it happen.

So let’s set the scene.

So it’s early 2018, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine that I hadn’t seen since before we moved to NM summer 2017.  We started looking at the summer calendar in March and it turned out that one of those weeks both of our kiddos were going to be gone during the same week. SAY WHAT, both of us have a kid free week, together? That’s when we started brainstorming about spending a couple of days together to catch up.

Here’s why we decided to take this momcation.

During the 2nd week of June my kids are headed to camp with our church. This is the very first time they’ve done a summer camp that was A) sleep away B) with people I didn’t know all that well C) in a completely different state. To say I was a bit freaked out is an understatement. But as always happens, God provided peace for me to get through it. He helped me to get to know these people a little bit, told me they’d have a great time AND provided a distraction for me!!!

My friend Laura is a teacher, need I say more, and she’s been widow for a couple of years now. She’s still trying to navigate this new life of single mom-hood and her son was going to be out of state as well. And well, we hadn’t seen each other since she helped us pack up to move. I mean, with good friends, who really needs a reason to spend some time together, kid free? Am I right, or am I right?

So we started thinking about places we could spend a couple of days. Somewhere with shopping, dining and some kind of attraction type situation.

And, well, we thought that Waco, TX might be the perfect place. It really was!! 


Of course the appeal of the Magnolia Silos was the pulling force. I am all about anything to do with Joanna Gaines, I mean the woman is just talented. We also wanted cupcakes and something that said Magnolia. So thats where we decided to spend our kid free time.

We both arrived about mid afternoon and started figuring out where we should start. Being Native Texans and huge fans of their product, our first stop was to the Dr Pepper Museum. It was really neat to see where my favorite soda got its start. If you have never tasted DP, and you enjoy a good soda every now and then, do yourself a favor. But try to find one that has the green label, it truly tastes 1000x better. After that we went for a little walk where we stumbled upon the Silos by accident. We walked around a bit and just decided to come back the next day in the morning just before opening.

We discovered that getting there just before 9am is the absolute perfect time to go. There was no line at the bakery, trust me you want to go here. No regrets. Not too many people milling about the grounds or the shop. For a person who doesn’t really enjoy crowds, this was great. It wasn’t too hot, which is a BONUS when its summer in Texas. Had it been any later in the day we would have been miserable.


After eating our cupcakes for breakfast, because adult-life, we hung out at the Silos for a while. As it warmed up, we decided to take one of their FREE air conditioned trolley’s to do some shopping. There is a little map online or at the Silos that shows you where they stop. So we shopped and went to this amazing little diner, Jake’s Texas Tea House. After our delicious lunch we walked it off a little and we took some pictures.

During our walk, we found where we were going to go for dinner that night and naturally, mom’s needed some wine. So The Klassy Glass it was.  We didn’t do too much extra exploring after our glass of wine but we were able to get in some great conversation. Our last day we decided to go to Spice Village which was AWESOME!!!  It’s like going to ton’s of little boutique shops in one place. It seemed like a small business owner’s heaven. We could have spent HOURS just here. This was exactly the little get away we both needed. We got to talk and just really hang out with just each other. Very rarely do we get to do that as we usually always have our boys around.

We decided that because we needed it, maybe our other mom friends might also.

So we thought, let’s do it next year but in a different town but with just as much to see and do. And let’s grow it each year. First we’ll add a couple of ladies, then maybe a few more as the years pass. We’ll all get to know each other and make memories to last a lifetime. Instead of trying to stay at a hotel, we’ll rent a house and split the cost. I’ve become a HUGE fan of sites like Air BnB or HomeAway. It’ll be such a sanity saver to have something like this to look forward to every year, at least that’s the hope.

Unfortunately, my sweet friend won’t be able to join me this year but I fully intend to take my momcation and enjoy the heck out of it. Now who to invite? Do you want to join me? 

Well, if you don’t join me I sure hope you use this post as encouragement to start a tradition of momcations for yourself. Include friends or don’t, either way just take a break mama, you’ve earned it.


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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

Ruth 1:16 ~ But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
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