The Non-Resolution ~ My word of the year

{FULL DISCLOSURE: This post is very faith heavy. I know maybe some of my readers aren’t into that and that is 100% ok I still love ya, I just wanted to let you know so that if you’re not interested in that kind of a post, you can enjoy some of my other posts.}

First things first, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Right now I am eagerly awaiting my family’s Christmas celebration. This year we are doing an Italian Christmas with lasagna, pasta, cannoli, OMG, I can’t wait. While we are still all fully in holiday mode, I can’t help but think about the new year that’s right around the corner.

2018, can you believe it? Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now? I heard somewhere they are working on some.

When you hear new years the first thing people think of resolutions, like dieting, working out, reading the bible, spending more time with family, maybe taking more pictures to capture life. I’ve found for myself that I just cannot keep up. There was one year that I read the bible all the way through and that has probably been the only resolution I’ve ever stuck with. Leading up to 2017 I decided not to do anything that resembled a resolution because I just wasn’t going to stick to it.


~The Non-Resolution~

January 1 2017, a friend of mine from our church posted a picture of what looked like a list on Instagram. This list turned out to be her what she called her word of the year for the last several years. Something about her post lit something up inside of me. Almost immediately a word came to mind.





1.  firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

  synonyms: confidence, belief, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, credence, reliance


1.  believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

    synonyms: rely on, depend on, bank on, count on, be sure of


Now I’ll be real honest, when that word popped in my head, or rather landed there through His delivery, I didn’t take the time to look up the definition because, lets face it we all know what trust is. I literally just now looked it up and saw the synonyms and it completely blew me away.

“belief, faith, conviction..”

Anyway, when God had laid that word on my heart, I was working at my favorite job. In October of 2016 I had been given 2 awesome pieces of news from 2 separate places. When January 2017 rolled around I hadn’t heard anything again about the news so I was struggling a bit to still believe. When I saw my friends Insta post and heard that word in my head, it immediately calmed me. Once I decided to have a word of the year as well, I was convicted, I posted it everywhere. It is my background on my phone and my computer. Just the word on a white background, a constant reminder. Also, I started hearing the word in songs on the radio. Personally I listen exclusively to Christian radio because I just find that for me, Christian music helps keep my mind focused on Him.

Trust is a hard thing for people sometimes. They’ve been hurt so much that they feel like they just can’t open their hearts to trust another person again, sometimes not even God. I’m with ya, I know the feeling very well. My mom jokes sometimes that she has “trust issues”. This world is a scary place sometimes but it is also incredibly beautiful.

The colors of a sunset

the beauty of spring flowers

the sound of joyful laughter from your child

the flurries of snow as they fall to the ground and coat everything it touches

When you’re going through a rough time in life its so so hard to see these things, they are usually ignored because we are so consumed with what’s going on in our life. But its so true, the saying, stop and smell the roses. Sometimes if we can just stop focusing on our bad time for just a few seconds or minutes and look at something beautiful it can change everything, if only for those few minutes. It can be just enough to change your perspective.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “this all sounds great Amber but you don’t know my past or my ‘stuff’ going on”. You’re absolutely right I don’t and guess what, it is sometimes harder than it sounds.


~How its been working in my life~

So since that day I’ve just allowed Him to do what only He can do. I decided that the 2 situations I’d been faced with were in His hands because I couldn’t do anything about them. Turns out it wasn’t something that was for me after all, at least not at that time. Through it all though, I trusted that He has good things in store for me. Though they might not look the way I had hoped they would look, they are still good. There are still disappointments and days when I am left questioning Him. But all I have to do is look back at all of the things He’s brought me through, all of the ways I could have gone. He was working in me when I didn’t trust. I look back on those times and realize that it was Him that got me through. All those little pit of the stomach feelings I had about certain situations, those were all Him. He was redirecting me from what I thought I wanted into what He had for me. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, even before I was a believer.

How can I not trust Him? Look at how far He’s brought you.

I could just go on and on about Him and what He has done for me, but I won’t. Maybe another post but this one is about trust. I fought Him pretty hard for a few days about moving to NM. I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want to leave our home, I didn’t want to move anymore. Surely God had allowed us to move into our home on a long-term basis and wouldn’t have us moving again. One day, during my little tantrum, I heard 2 words, wise counsel. We talked to some more church friends of ours and I had a good cry, more tantrums. But the next morning I woke up and it was as if God said, “ok Amber, pull up your big girl pants. Lets see what we can do to prepare”. By the time my husband woke up to work his night shift, I had found a few choices for places to live. Also, a church, a school for the boys and learned what I could about where we were going.

“What changed?”

Genesis 28:15 NLT ~ “What’s more, I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. One day I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have finished giving you everything I have promised you.”

Each night I do my best to read a devotional and that particular Sunday night after seeking wise counsel from our friends, this verse was part of that day’s devotion. I bawled like a baby because I knew that was God telling me we will be back. We already knew being in NM was only temporary with this company but, it was necessary for my husband to get the experience and this verse just confirmed that for me. So when I woke up and started all the research, I was at peace. For several days after that God showed me several different verses to just confirm that this needed to happen.

At the end of the day, all I can do is trust Him. He’s never failed me even though I fail Him daily. He’s always provided for us no matter the circumstance.

~The word for 2018~


1.  go in a specified direction or manner; change position.

synonyms: go, walk, proceed, progress, advance…


2. change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another.

synonyms: change, budge, shift one’s ground, change one’s tune, change one’s mind, have second thoughts


There is a song based on the passage in Ruth that played on our drive to NM that I sort of declared as the theme song for this season of life.

Ruth 1:16 ~ But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.”

To me, its me moving when He asks me to move, going where He wants me to go. It all ties back to trust. It takes a decent amount of trust to follow someone but even more, I think, to follow something you can only feel. This was/is the biggest leap of faith I think I’ve ever really trusted Him with.


If this has inspired you to choose your own word of the year, I’d love to hear what it is and why you feel this is the word for you.


I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year with new possibilities ahead of you. Be safe, make wise choices and have fun.


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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

Ruth 1:16 ~ But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
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