Let’s take a Trip! It’s Spring Break!!

Sun and sand…

Snow and skis….

Great adventures….

Or in my case, my kids going to their grandma’s for a week and I spend it with my hubby and my sister.

Yep that’s what Spring Break looks like around here this year. Saving for a trip at the end of the year, means other trips don’t get to happen.

Spring Break

The whole month of March, all over the country kids are given a week off of school. Parents of school-aged kids are either jumping for joy or crying at the thought of trying to entertain their kids for a whole week. Thank the Lord for grandparents!! Parents of college-aged kids are either excited to see their kids for a whole week or worried about the trip they’re going on with their friends. But if you’re one of the ones who looks forward to Spring Break every year because it means a trip with your family, well, I have a little treat.

  • You won’t have to read a huge blog post (here at least) about my favorite vacation spots. That post will come closer to summertime.
  • I went in search of Top 10 lists for various different types of family vacations for Spring Break. Ok so maybe 1 isn’t a Top 10 but not everyone does those y’all. They’re a bit like me where they think they’re done, and something else pops in their mind that they just can’t leave out. It’s a little like how my blog posts happen. lol

You’re welcome!!!

Like I said, y’all this post is going to be short and sweet and right to the point. Maybe its too late for you to use it this year, pin it for next year. But maybe you’re a last minute planner and your kids’ Spring Break is next week (like ours). We’ve been talking about Spring Break since January and their grandma called and said she’d like to have them down for that week. What was I gonna say, no?!?! pppppssssshhhhhh I don’t think so. I love my kids but they get bored way too easily and I’m a homebody who would far rather stay at home. Plus like I said before we are saving for a trip at the end of the year and I’m not just talking saving money. We also have to save my hubby’s PTO. Spring Break would have been super boring for them here. They’ll possibly get to go to the beach, or the zoo, or find a hiking trail. Grandma is really great at finding things to keep them occupied and having fun.

So without further adieu, here’s a compilation of Spring Break family vacation ideas. I’m even gonna pin them for next years Spring Break!!!

So you’ve got the time off, and you’ve got plenty of money to spend. Check out this list by TravelChannel.

Top 10 Family Spring Break Vacations

Maybe all of those things still apply but you want to go a little more off the beaten path. Take a look at this other TravelChannel list.

10 Under-the-Radar Spring Break Family Vacations

Well, you’ve got the time off for sure but maybe not so much in the cash department. You’ve got a little to spend, but not a ton. Why not look at this list from US News. We all know saving money is BIG in my book.

Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations

Last but most certainly not least, you’ve got the time and the money but don’t want to or like to fly. That means ROAD TRIP!!! Load up the car and head to one of these many destinations listed on Redbook Magazine’s website.

31 Ultimate Family Road Trips

I think the road trip list is my favorite. Each destination also lists what to see while there, a place to stay and a place to eat. What more could you ask for? I’m a pretty big fan of the road trip. I like being able to have my own vehicle. Plus that means we don’t pay crazy amounts of money on airfare or car rentals. Still likely need the hotel but that just means you can splurge a little in that area. You get the travel and the adventure and it still fits in the budget.

Spring Break

Well, ladies and gents I sure hope you found this helpful in planning your next Spring Break or even summer trip. I wanted to keep this short and sweet so you could focus on the most important things in life. Plus this means I didn’t spend quite as much time writing it but still had fun thinking and writing about it.

I truly hope you have/had an awesome Spring Break. If you went on any travel adventures please tell me about them.

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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

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