Mom Interview #1 ~ Husband rescues and dealing with loneliness

Oh my gosh y’all, this is it, the moment I’ve been waiting for for weeks. (maybe even months) Its time for our very first Mom Interview. I’m jumping up and down inside from sheer excitement. This is such a heart project for me personally because I know I struggle with judgement due to lack of […]

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{{This blog post does contain affiliate links. Please see Disclosure Policy for more info.}} Ahhh May, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of May? School is almost out!! April showers bring May flowers. Beautiful pastel colors in EVERYTHING!! Oh, and Mother’s Day!! KEEP READING FOR A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Let’s […]

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Healthy Living Series ~ Vegan Update + 5 Tips to Eating Healthier

{{This blog post does contain affiliate links. Please see Disclosure Policy for more info.}}   Well hello out there y’all, Happy May!! I hope y’all have had a great month. Yeah so that 2 weeks I said I was taking off turned into a MONTH. What can I say y’all, I’ve been busy but I […]

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Taking a little Break

Happy Wednesday y’all!!! If you’re new here, Welcome!!! I’m so glad you joined us!!! I truly hope you’ve all enjoyed the last few weeks of posts. I am just writing to let you know that I am going to take probably 2 weeks off. I’m going to be working on some ideas I have for […]

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Let’s take a Trip! It’s Spring Break!!

The whole month of March, all over the country kids are given a week off of school. Parents of school-aged kids are either jumping for joy or crying at the thought of trying to entertain their kids for a whole week. Thank the Lord for grandparents!! Parents of college-aged kids are either excited to see their kids for a whole week or worried about the trip they’re going on with their friends. But if you’re one of the ones who looks forward to Spring Break every year because it means a trip with your family, well, I have a little treat.

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Dye Your Hair @ Home || eSalon Review

Well, today I am here to tell you, that you don’t have to get a box hair color any more. You also don’t absolutely have to go to your stylist either. (Sorry to all my stylist friends out there) Unless you have the extra cash to spend, then by all means get in that chair and let someone play with your hair. However, if you’re like me, always looking for ways to save money, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Not-so-scary world of Budgeting

{This is NOT a sponsored post and does NOT contain affiliate links} Happy Wednesday y’all!!! I sure hope springing forward didn’t mess you up too much. It definitely wasn’t the greatest start to the week in our house. If your week isn’t going well, I sure hope it gets better soon. This week we are […]

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Our Top 5 Ways to Save Money

Is this you? You’ve recently had a change in your life (marriage, new job, new baby, etc) that has required you to take a closer look into your finances. Upon inspecting things you discover you need to make some cuts, but where do you start? Guys, I’ve been there a time or 12 and let me tell you, its rough. I personally feel like I have a MUCH better handle on things right now and I’m excited to share some tips that I’ve found work for us to save some money.

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Menu’s, shopping, and sanity Oh My!!

{{This post is NOT sponsored and does NOT contain affiliate links}} Who here (besides me of course) has fallen into the “I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight?” or the “man I have to go back to the store” dilemma? I’ve done it WAY too many times to count. Took me almost […]

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Essential Oils & Healthy Living

{Some links located in this post ARE affiliate. Please see my disclosure policy.} Welcome back to my Healthy Living series y’all. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first 2 posts in this series. Today’s post is pretty evident from the title but we are going to be talking about essential oils and how they can contribute […]

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