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Mom Interview #4 ~ More than just a mom

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Mom Monday’s

Welcome back to Mom Interviews!!!

Each interview will look pretty similar with the exception of a question here or there. I figured we might all want to know generally the same information about each other. The different questions will touch on their own personal mom situation. You’ll hear from stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, working moms, stepmoms… the list goes on and on. You’ll be given a chance to follow them on social media and see a few pictures to put a face with the interviewee. These are real mom’s with real struggles and I’m inspired by each one of them.

Jenn Decker’s interview is on the blog today. She’s the mastermind behind More than a Mom of 3 & Healthy Living Mom of 3.

Her interview definitely got to me as I struggle with this too. In it she talks about how she sort of lost herself in being a mom. As stay at home mom’s tend to do, we continuously pour ourselves into the other people in our family and we tend to forget about who we are and our interests. Keep reading to see who her inspiration was and how she discovered who she was again.

Meet Jenn Decker

1. Tell the blog about yourself, we’ll get to the mom part later, we want to know YOU!! {Name, where you’re from, what you did before becoming a mom, if you’re married or have a significant other and how long, hobbies, passions, what books/podcasts/music you enjoy, etc}

My name is Jenn and living in South Carolina but born and raised on Long Island NY. 

Before I had my kiddos I worked in banking but my dream was to be a SAHM. 

I enjoy cooking, baking anything in the kitchen really. 

I am a typical type A, list maker and organized. It keeps me calm 🙂 

I love working out and living a healthier lifestyle. That has become my passion and hobby. I am currently studying to be a personal trainer at the moment so I can help other mommas get their bodies back after babies. 

1A.Have you always been organized the way you are now?

I have always been organized! LOL I remember from a young age making lists etc. to get things done. I always wanted to be a SAHM watching my mom do it for so long, she was my inspiration. An organized person herself and I just followed in her footsteps 🙂 

She passed away suddenly 10 years ago from a brain aneurysm. Being a mom without your mom is tough but I have learned so much from her and try so hard to be the mom she was every single day.

2.    When did you become a mom? How many kids do you have? You don’t need to share names but ages would be cool!

I was 25 when I had my first child, a daughter who is 11. And 2 sons ages 9 and 7. 

3.    Tell us what made you choose to be a stay at home mom? What were the factors involved in your decision?

My mom was a SAHM mom and growing up I thought it was the best job EVER! I have never wanted to be anything but a SAHM.

When my daughter was born I did not think to stay at home was possible with our finances. I dug deep into couponing and being extremely frugal. 

I cut corners where I could and 3 months before she was born I was able to leave my job to stay home with her. 

4. What things do you do to help with the loneliness of being a SAHM?

The hardest thing about being a SAHM is probably that indescribable feeling you get where you’re always lonely but at the same time desperately craving some time alone.  

As a SAHM, you’re basically never alone. All day you’re with your children, who you love and adore, but who also can’t carry on an adult conversation. It’s not the same as having your husband, a family member or friend around. You start to crave company and feel extraordinarily lonely. 

But at the same time, you also just want two quiet seconds to sit down and be alone with your thoughts. To remember that you’re a real person, with thoughts and dreams, rather than a milk pouring, diaper changing, snack giving robot. Sure, there’s naps, but they are filled with tasks like prepping dinner, doing laundry, and finally eating a bite of lunch. 

It’s a weird feeling. I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it yet, but it’s there.

5. What motivates you to keep going on the days you really would rather not?

Me time and going to the gym. For almost a decade I poured all of myself into my kiddos and my home. I realized I lost me along the way. 

I LOVE being a SAHM it has given me so many opportunities that I am grateful for but I have recently found taking an hour each day for my mental health has made me an even better mom. 

Oh and a lot of coffee 😉 

6.  I’ve recently discovered podcasts and am OBSESSED, have you ever listened to them? If yes, what are some of the ones you’re most into right now.

I am actually not a podcast listener. I love all sorts of music and that is what I have going on in the background most of the day. 

More than a Mom of 3 Logo

7. So when I was inspired to start Grace in the Wait I was in a season of waiting (and still am). What did your waiting season look like where you were just believing for something but knew it just wasn’t the right time, like something needed to be learned in this season to propel you into the next?

When I started my second site! I went back and forth for about a year with this. My first site More Than A Mom Of Three became my 4th baby. It took a lot of time but I felt it did not represent all of me. 

Being a SAHM I wanted another outlet for just myself which became fitness and health. 

I took it on all the way and focused on being a better version of me, it transformed me. I wanted to help other moms in the same situation but knew at the time I could not give it the attention it needed. 

One morning I was heading to the gym early to meet my personal trainer at the time and it clicked. She was more than a personal trainer, she pushed me out of my comfort zone in the gym and truly became someone that was good for my mind as well. 

She was my inspiration for doing what I do. As I grow my business I think of what she has done for me. Not only did she transform my body with the personal training she helped me see what I can achieve with hard work and dedication. That was something I didn’t have the strength to do on my own. 

Now that is my goal. Momma’s tend to lose who they are and put themselves last. My goal is to help them realize there can be a balance of family and find yourself again. 

Although they might not achieve the pre-baby body it can be so much more than you imagined. You can build strength and transform your body and feel better than ever. 

8. List a few things you wish people would understand or not judge about your momming situation or lifestyle? Explain.

My routines and schedules with my kids. Every mom runs their home differently and that’s okay, it’s what works best for their family. Not everyone’s family situation is the same. We are all mommas just trying to make it through each day and figuring it out as we go. 

9. If there was one thing you could tell your younger self what would it be and why?

Oh this is a tough one. I really do not regret much in life because I feel there is a lesson to be learned. I think the most important lesson I have learned is to stop and enjoy the journey more. Life is not a race and before you know it you forgot to stop and enjoy the little things. 

10. What challenges you are currently facing with parenting?

I am at a stage in mommyhood where my kids want more independence. My daughter especially. It is so hard to let go!! The constant worry of them being out with friends or certain electronics that their friends have but she doesn’t, oh its a constant battle. Together we are compromising and it is a work in progress. 

11. Did/do you suffer from Postpartum Depression or Anxiety? Share your story or any advice you might have that has helped you. 

Looking back on it I think I did suffer from postpartum depression after my daughter was born. My husband was always working, I was a first time, full-time SAHM, I lost my mom during the same time period. It was a rough time in my life but I kept chugging along as most women tend to do. It was very overwhelming. 

12. What do you think makes your parenting style different from other parents?

I tend to pick and chose my battles with my kids. I think my kids thrive on a routine and that is what works best for us. It may not for other families. 

I also believe in not pushing my kids too hard. 

I see a lot of parents have their kids in a ton of activities. It’s not one I choose to partake in. 

My kids have dabbled in activities outside of school but nothing ever came of them. I want my kids to be kids. 

Play outside with their friends and be kids use their imagination more instead of an organized sport or activity.

Healthy Living Mom of 3 logo

13. Tell us how we can keep up with you. Website, FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

My blogs are: 

I am connected to FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on all of those. I’ll include my Pinterest, that is where I am most active.

14. This last thing is an idea I got from a podcast I love. Share with us your 3 favorite things right now. This could be anything, a book, a favorite restaurant, your favorite coffee flavor, your favorite song, your PJ’s, TV show, laundry detergent lol… anything at all.

1.  Pumpkin spice everything! 

2.  I am semi obsessed with those sayings on plaques you hang in your house. I have too many that I care to admit haha. 

3.  I am sort of obsessed with design, we just bought this house so decorating it on a budget has been super fun! I’ve always been a frugal person but never thought I would like to attempt so many DIY projects. I thank my dad who is a contractor on the side for teaching his daughters home improvement lol. 



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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

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Aww thank you so much for being a part of this. It’s been so awesome to see things from different perspectives.

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