Healthy Living Series ~ Going Vegan?!?!

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As you can see from the title of the post, my family and I are making a HUGE lifestyle change. This steak and potatoes-poultry loving-eat all the bacon family has chosen to give it all up and go vegan. I know, I know what y’all are thinking. Why on earth would you do something like that?

I mean……. BACON!!!! Come on…

Well, see, what had happened was…. (anyone else get that???) My husband was on FB one day and discovered one of our friends was diagnosed with cancer. This friend mentioned something about watching a few documentaries about healthy eating. So we settle in to watch these documentaries thinking “awesome, lets get some tips to making our family a bit healthier. Incorporating more fruits and veggies and all that.” Little did we know that it would cause us to make this kind of a decision. So these documentaries were essentially talking about how the diet nowadays is WAY too meat/animal heavy and actually causing us as humans to have the problems so many are faced with lately. Cancer’s, diabetes, inflammation, heart attacks, supposedly all of these can be reduced or prevented with a plant based diet, so the documentaries say. These documentaries are Forks over Knives and What the Health, both available on Netflix as of right now.


My family’s diet basically consists mostly of meats and dairy.

A typical day could look a little like this:


For me, I usually have 2-3 blueberry waffles half smeared with peanut butter and sometimes a banana.

For the kids, its usually something easy they can mostly do for themselves. Waffles, cereal (with regular milk), or oatmeal (with regular milk).

I have no clue what my hubby usually eats but my best guess is cereal, again with regular milk.


Homemade trail mix, cookies, piece of candy, crackers, chips and salsa, protein or snack bar. A family favorite of crackers, cheese and pickles. Not all of this, just maybe one or 2 of these. lol


During the school year the boys eat the lunch they bring that they make on Sunday nights!! Yep they make their own lunches, I know right?!? When they’re not in school its usually a little of the same that we eat. Salad, sandwich, bowl of cereal, quick English muffin pizzas, quesadilla, etc, etc.


Same as above


This is the one meal we all eat the same thing and where I spend the most time in the kitchen. On either Friday or Saturday I usually do a meal plan for the week. Really its just a dinner plan mostly but you get the idea. Usually these are pretty meat heavy. We usually eat mostly poultry (chicken and turkey) but occasionally we will have some pork or beef. For a little while we even had a meal subscription box come every week and that was nice to have new ideas for meals, and I didn’t have to plan them. Win/win I say!! These were really delicious and I highly recommend those things 100%, especially for busy people or families. Even someone who’s just learning to get into cooking would love these.

As you can see, there isn’t much that is different from anyone else’s typical meal. I would incorporate veggies and fruits where I could but never got too creative with it. I thought we were doing alright!!

Boy was I wrong.


I feel like this is the point in the blog where I tell you I am NOT trying to convince my readers to go vegan with us. Not at all. Something this HUGE is a supremely personal choice. Each person does what is best for themselves and the people they’re responsible for and there is not one thing wrong with that. No judgment here from us. I’m just inviting you on our journey with us. Who knows whether it will stick or not but giving it a shot can’t hurt, right? {{I will say, that I think that everyone should watch these documentaries and maybe you’ll understand a little bit of why we are choosing to try this out. If you choose to do it too awesome, if not great but at least you’ll understand our reasoning a little bit more.}}

~*~The Struggle is Real…~*~

I’m going to be real with y’all, this is not going to be an easy transition for us. We just like meat. Everytime we have eaten meat since making our decision we’ve questioned why we’re going to do this. The ultimate answer is, that we just want to give our family its best shot at not having to deal with the things mentioned above. There’s not a whole lot in this life that we can control. Our diet is one that we can and I feel like for us, it’s worth a shot. And if all it does is give us a few more years than we would’ve possibly had before, then it’s a win in my book. There’s nothing to lose when you gain life. <~~ that was a bit more philosophical than I had hoped but it works. We’ve eaten meat, dairy, eggs, etc our whole lives. I’m not sure there’s ever been a meal without it. I used to say I’d never EVER give up meat or cheese or “everything nowadays causes cancer so what’s the point”? Now here we are talking about giving it all up, its gonna be hard. There will likely be times that we give in a bit, like at Thanksgiving or Christmas or birthdays or something like that. And it might take a while to make the full transition since it’s a bit more difficult to find vegan friendly products where we live. But I’m going to do my very best to get as close as possible with what we can get. That’s really all I can do right?


Our experience so far…

Since watching those documentaries I’ve been researching the options for meatless and dairy free eating. Every time I think of our favorite things I have to research how to make it vegan friendly which starts out as daunting but ends up surprising. We’ve tried a couple of meatless options recently and one of them completely had me floored. It was delicious! These Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n are really stinking good. That was my first purchase of a meatless product and I decided to pair it with just some plain white rice and broccoli and the whole meal was really delicious. Even my meat and potatoes man loved liked it a lot. Next we tried their Meatless Meatballs because this Italian girl isn’t giving up her pasta without a HUGE fight. They tasted just like Italian sausage meatballs. So this week I’ve decided will be a 99% Vegan week, just to give us a feel for it. Me so I know that the recipes aren’t too difficult and, for the rest of the fam to let them know its not going to be so bad to be vegan. Let them know its not just gonna be all bland salads and desperately missing meat.

Moving forward

So moving forward I’d like to branch off from this post and turn it into a series. Not just about going vegan but health in general. I’m not a doctor or a health professional of any kind so it would mostly be based on my own personal experiences. Included in this series I’ll talk about essential oils and the company we purchase them from. We’ll have vegan recipes or products that shocked us and maybe even some that were underwhelming. Essential oil recipes and our favorite blends or uses. If I start working out I’ll share things that have worked for me or things that have worked well for my husband. You get the idea. And who knows maybe we’ll get a guest blogger at some point!


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I’m all for eating healthier, but there really isn’t a need to cut out meat. Meat has a lot of nutrients that you are going to be seriously lacking in the veggie world unless you plan on taking supplements, which so many Vegans do.

We limit meat in our household by only buying humane grass-fed meat, which makes it pricier, so it encourages us to eat less of it. It tastes so much better and is better for you in general.

But you do you! Just wanted to toss that out there as completely cutting out foods isn’t necessary and often can make it harder to keep to a diet. Most Vegans actually start out Vegetarians for that reason. Going cold turkey usually ends in failure.

I very much appreciate the input and your view point. I agree it’s not for everyone and it is a great balancing act for sure but those documentaries really got us thinking. We’ve noticed we legitimately feel so much better when we are sticking to it than when we have our cheat meals. Feels like things run smoother!! 🤣 I appreciate your comment!! Thank you

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