Speaking of Coffee (My DIY Blended Coffee Recipe)

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Raise your hand if your morning starts with a good cup of coffee.  I know that lately mine does. I used to have myself a hot cup of coffee with some creamer nearly everyday. My cup of coffee more realistically was more creamer than coffee but whatever y’all it was good. I learned from what some might call a coffee connoisseur, that creamer actually enhances the natural flavor of any particular blend. I have to say I completely agree with that, even flavored coffee creamer helped me really taste the flavor of this heavenly drink. Now you might not need quite the amount of creamer I did but try it some time, you might be shocked.

My favorite drink is a White Mocha frappucino, in case you don’t know a frappucino is a blended ice drink kind of a coffee smoothie of sorts. I used to only get my coffee from that really popular chain everyone goes to. Then I was shown the light in the form of the most amazing white mocha frappucino I’ve ever tasted. A coworker kept telling me about this place down in the lobby of our building and like most other people, I didn’t trust a “no name” coffee place. Well, now if I can help it, that’s all I drink if I’m going out for a cup of coffee. Bring on the no names. Seriously, do a search for small little coffee shops near wherever you live. You might not strike gold right off the bat but don’t give up, because once you find it, you won’t want to go back.

This coffee was AHHMAZING.

Made the whole floor of the building smell incredible, you know the same way the coffee aisle at the grocery store just smells heavenly, whether you like coffee or not. Like that. Well, when that job came to an end I kept trying to find another place that could make coffee that well. And it just never happened. I mean I was so hooked that even after the project came to an end, I traveled the 20+ minutes to get to this place just to have it one more time. HOOKED. That’s when I decided to make it myself. It’s better on my wallet, I can make it taste anyway I want, and I can make it in my jammies with disheveled hair and in my awesome blender!!! (no its not a sponsored post but it totally should be) Any blender should work just fine, I just find any excuse to use mine.


To make my awesome blended coffee drink I use: {added to blender in this order}

4-5 oz Almond Milk (I used to use soy milk but discovered this tastes so much better)

2-3 oz prepared cold brew coffee (I use this one, yeah I know, I can’t find a better one yet plus this is their best brew in my opinion)

5-6 swirls around the blender of caramel sauce (very technical, I know)

a little less than 1/3 cup of coffee mix powder {one I use}

1 cup of ice

Blend it all together until it is the consistency that you want. My blender has a programmed button for smoothies and cold blended drinks so it makes my life easier. Any extra thinking in the mornings doesn’t usually turn out well for anyone.

So you’re likely wondering why I used ounces to measure. Well the coffee mix powder has a base recipe to start with and I found that I needed to tweak it just a little bit to create the texture and flavor that I desire. The measurements were all done in ounces and one side of our blender has ounces listed on it so it wasn’t all that difficult for me to do or figure out. The end result is a deliciously creamy, flavorful, wonderfully beautiful cup of heaven in the morning. I wouldn’t classify this as a white mocha by any stretch of the imagination but it sure is tasty!!!

One thing I will say, double check your supplies on your shopping trips because if you run out of something and desperately need a cup of coffee you might be out of luck. I don’t know this from experience or anything. 🙄

Now, if you’re going to go to one of those highly recognizable coffee places, only go around the holidays. Maybe you’re a pumpkin spice person or a peppermint mocha is more your speed. My sister introduced me to my now favorite holiday drink, the Caramel Brulee. I’m actually drinking one right now. So delicious, go run and get one right now. Hot or cold this drink is awesome!!! No worries y’all, I’ll wait right here……….

Oh good you’re back, did you get one? No? That’s ok, just go whenever you’re near one again. But remember after Christmas they usually run out of the stuff to make it.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking “Ok Amber, lets be real, you make a blended coffee every morning?” and my answer to you would be “Yes ma’am (or sir) I sure do and its really very good”. I’d MUCH rather make mine than go have one from any coffee shop really. But if I do go out for coffee my first choice is a small “no name” coffee shop any day. Just have to find a good one near me and we are golden. No luck yet but I’m still hopeful. My family and I are in a lifestyle change transition that will be difficult for us to navigate but I’ll keep you updated when things start changing with this recipe.

I know I’ve got some coffee lovers out there so, tell me what your favorite drinks are and if you’ve found that little gem of a coffee shop in your neck of the woods. Maybe other readers are from your area and would like to go check it out.

Thanks for stopping by to talk coffee with me. I appreciate your time and I am so thankful you choose to spend some of it with me.

I hope you have a great day. The biggest gift you could give me is to share my blog with your friends and family, and well, it is the season of giving.

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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

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