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7 of my Favorite Holiday Traditions

Its finally here, I’ve been waiting ALL year just for this. My favorite holiday has come again, Christmas time!!! (today also happens to be my youngest son’s birthday)   Everything about this time of year just makes me smile. All the houses lit up, the beautifully decorated trees everywhere, the scarves, the boots, hot chocolate […]

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Speaking of Coffee (My DIY Blended Coffee Recipe)

{{This post is NOT a sponsored or affiliate post}}   Raise your hand if your morning starts with a good cup of coffee.  I know that lately mine does. I used to have myself a hot cup of coffee with some creamer nearly everyday. My cup of coffee more realistically was more creamer than coffee but […]

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Welcome, Grab a cup of coffee girlfriend!

Well, well, well, hello to all of you out there in the blogosphere. Grab some coffee and let me introduce myself. Welcome to Grace in the Wait. I’m so very grateful that you chose to stop by my little blog. I know there are many great blogs out there and I hope to one day […]

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