Avocado Toast, its whats for lunch

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Has anyone ever had Avocado Toast before? Yes? No? Y’all this was my very first time having just straight Avocado Toast and I’m kicking myself for never trying it before today. It was AMAZING!!! Life changing even… Ok we won’t go that far but still it was delicious. If you clicked on this post just because it said avocado, then we are gonna get along really well. Before I tell you how I chose to make mine, lets quickly catch up on this past week, shall we?

Welcome back to my Healthy Living series.

Last time we chatted we talked about my family and I going Vegan. {Insert big shocked eyes here} I know, I know y’all. You’re probably still reeling from that news. It definitely wasn’t/isn’t an easy decision and I’m still debating if it’s going to be a permanent situation. Daily we find that we cannot eat a certain thing, and it’s depressing. However, I am also finding that we can still sort of eat our favorite types of food, just in a different way. So overall, it’s really going well. When I wrote my last blog I talked about how all this week would be mostly Vegan eating. I say mostly because part of the transition is also not being wasteful of what we already have that’s not vegan. Also, where we live its pretty difficult to find vegan alternatives to certain things so I think full-blown Vegan is still a ways off, lets call it Vegan lite. So here and there we might still use cheese, and I’m still going to use the coffee powder from my DIY coffee post until I find something different. But for the most part, this week has gone well. Bumpy but well, and that’s to be expected when you’re used to eating a certain way for so long and now you’re having to learn a new way.

Moving on..

Okay Amber, we didn’t come read this blog to hear about how your week has been going, we’ll check another post for that. We wanted to see what you ate for lunch today. Alright, Alright. I gotcha!! So this won’t be a super long post. It is, however, a post with a recipe in it that I think some people will REALLY enjoy, I know I did… (I think I still have crumbs on my mouth) This was a crowd pleaser in this house. Hubbs loves it, kids love it… what more could you ask for?

Ready or not, check out my Vegan Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

(you can (and should) eat this even if you’re not vegan)

2 slices of your favorite bread, toasted

1 (maybe 1 ½) Tbsp Just Mayo

4 slices big tomato

1 small avocado (this was the PERFECT amount for my bread)

Approximately ½ tsp fresh lemon juice, to keep avocado from browning

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Place your toast in the toaster to your desired toastiness. (Really Amber?)
  2. While your toast is getting crispy; cut, seed and scoop out all of that delicious green avocado. Place in a small bowl. Squeeze lemon juice directly on avocado and smash until it’s a bit mushy. Season with salt and pepper. Also cut your tomato into slices. Your call on how thick you want them.
  3. Once your toast pops out, plate it up. Spread the mayo on each slice of toast. Assemble each with 2 slices of tomato, seasoning lightly with salt and pepper. Spread equal-ish amounts of the avocado deliciousness onto each slice and go to town enjoy!

I mean, I. Just. Can’t.

Before you start asking, no you don’t really need to measure the amount of mayo or lemon juice. I listed that there so that if there are any kitchen novices out there who feel like they’re clueless about things like that, I’d make it easy on them. (PS. I believe in you) I will say I always follow exact directions and measurements when making a new recipe so I can see what (if anything) I’d change to meet my specific tastes. I also LOVE thorough directions. I’ve read recipes many times where it never said to cook the pasta in the directions, only in the ingredients. So, what if you didn’t pay attention to the fact that it said to have the pasta cooked? Everything else was ready but you’re like “ok, what do I put this sauce on?” I feel like people should be given specific step by step instructions so that there is no confusion later. You wouldn’t build furniture without following step by step instructions, would you? Then you shouldn’t start cooking that way either. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you just know how much of what goes where and for how long but at least have a starting off point.

{{Stepping off the soapbox}}

Alright my fine folks, I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I also hope that you enjoy yourself an amazing and filling lunch of avocado toast someday soon. When you do, take a picture of it and tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see how you do yours. One day I’ll try it with some hummus like you’ll see here, for a bit more protein but until then I’ll enjoy it this way.

If you’d like to know more about how our journey to being vegan is going, comment down below. I’d love to answer any questions you have or share some of my missteps to save you from a messed up meal. I’m so thankful you chose to join me again for this post.

Also, if you are vegan, do you have a recommendation for a great vegan bread? The one I used was listed online as a vegan bread but I want to make sure!!!

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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

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