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Welcome to the first post in my next new series, Friday Favorites. This series will focus on… well, my favorite things. Everything ranging from beauty products, movies, TV shows, cleaning products, clothing, etc, etc. Today’s post is clearly about my favorite YouTuber’s and the reasons why I LOVE them.

If you’ve ever found a video on YouTube that you found entertaining or helpful, you’ve likely found that you want to watch more than one. Then you’ve found other videos talking about the same subject and before you know it you’ve watched 14 videos from several other people and you can understand where the day went.

Does this happen to anyone else? Only me? Awesome…

I watch different types of videos but somehow I am drawn to beauty videos. I can’t explain it. So I figured as part of the New Year, maybe you’re looking for really good beauty videos to help you venture into the world of makeup and hair.

I’m not entirely sure why I watch so many beauty videos on YouTube. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t wear makeup, hardly at all. The best you’ll get from me is some mascara on curled lashes. I guess my reasoning is to find product recommendations that actually work, and work well to suit my particular needs. When I do end up doing my makeup I don’t need full coverage. I don’t even enjoy the feel of full foundation. So far I’ve found some awesome products. Stick around to see where the best videos can be found.

The reason I’ve listed these ladies channels below is because while most of them is mostly about makeup, each channel has a different take. They are all very real about their feelings and none of them come across as snooty. That’s a huge bonus for me. I cannot deal with fakeness. I need people to just give it to me straight. I’m not a fan of YouTubers who used to upload like crazy but once they hit YouTube “stardom” fall of the planet and upload maybe once every month or so. Its like “you’re peeps miss you”. I still watch them and will never be ugly to them but it does upset me a bit.


Here are 7 of my favorite YouTubers. I’d recommend these ladies to any of my friends if asked, so I figured since we’re all friends here, here you go.


EmilyNoel83 – Out of all of these ladies, her videos are the one’s I always go to when I’m trying to hear real, in depth reviews about products. Mostly drugstore but some higher end products as well. I found her channel when I went looking for “dupe” videos. Emily had one dedicated to Mac dupes and she matched up several drugstore options that were pretty stinking close, if not spot on. Since then I was hooked. Each year she does this thing call the Emily Awards where she picks standout products of the year. Those are a must watch for sure!!!

Rachel Weiland – Now she is kind of laid back in her makeup routine (and in life) in that she doesn’t always go full glam. She does really simple, easy looks but always looks really put together. She’s found products that work well for her and doesn’t stray from them much so she won’t have many product reviews or anything like that. Her older videos (prior to about a year ago) are more beauty related but now she’s much more lifestyle related. In my opinion she’s a sweetheart. She is a Rodan and Fields rep and does talk about that some here and there but its not overwhelming. Not gonna lie though, I want to try this stuff. Its pricey but if it works, I’m not sure it matters that much.

CoffeeBreakwithDani – This girl is FUNNY!!! Her personality and attitude are infectious in the best way. She’s always got a smile on her face and she is always making jokes. Dani does weekend vlogs and these are by far my favorite ones to watch. She does really awesome reviews on her channel as well and has a very impressive nail polish collection. I LOVE nail polish. Speaking of, keep an eye out for my favorite place to get gel nail polish to do yourself at home. Sometime during December she does giveaways for her birthday as a thank you to her subscribers. Her personality is what keeps me coming back for more. She’s got 4 dogs that she talks about quite a lot. They have appearances in her vlogs. If I can help it, I don’t miss any of her videos, especially vlogs. This girl is a must y’all.

EleventhGorgeous – Eleventh Gorgeous features 2 sisters (Stephanie and Tracy, who aren’t twins) who are very bubbly and silly. They have their own online boutique called Madison and Mallory. While most of their stuff isn’t my taste, from what I can tell its all reasonably priced. I’m not completely sure how I found their videos but I very much enjoy their take on certain makeup products. They’re pretty laid back and even so still very bubbly. They also have a second channel specifically for their vlogs called TeeandEss, in case you’re all about that vlog life. Some of my favorite videos of theirs are their unboxings of subscription boxes.

Leighannsays – She is a fellow Texas girl (from Houston actually) and is one of the few out there that does not do YouTube videos full time. When she does though they are funny. She has a different sense of humor than some of the other’s I watch and in general has a different personality. I’d describe LeighAnn as a free spirit who loves vintage-y things and low maintenance makeup. In this case I mean she doesn’t have to do any touching up throughout the day. She still does a full face of mostly full coverage but she’s a busy girl who doesn’t want to fuss with it throughout the day.

GlamLifeGuru – As the name describes, Tati is a glam queen. If you’re looking for super glam, high end (some luxury) items she’s your girl. Now don’t get me wrong, she loves her some drugstore too BUT more often than not she is talking about higher-end priced items. She’s always got the best face of makeup because she knows exactly what works for her. That being said, she uploads videos DAILY. She has theme’s or types of videos she does for each day and she is ALWAYS trying new products to help us stay informed. She’s almost always the first to get the new stuff once it launches and you can pretty much expect a video about them immediately. My favorite videos to watch of hers are her PR unboxings. Initially they could be perceived as braggy and “ooh look at all this free stuff I get” but she’s always very thankful. She waits until there’s a mountain of boxes to film this video so it’s a good one to grab a snack for. Plus they’re really funny!! She does really great reviews and wear tests as well. She’s probably one of the bigger channels there is as far as beauty goes but she still makes it a point to stick to her schedule.


And finally …

The Small Things Blog – I know it says blog but this is also her YouTube channel. She does have a blog as well. She actually has more hair tutorials on her channel than anything. I love it!! She really helps you to understand how to do certain things to your hair. How to use heat tools, the best products to use with them. How to do certain hair styles, she’s just great. She’ll do her monthly favorites but she doesn’t usually go all out for makeup products like some of the rest of the ladies I’ve talked about. She’s usually about hair products, easy makeup products, skin care etc. Its great stuff!!!


Do you have any favorite YouTuber’s? Tell me who they are down below.


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Have an amazing day y’all, see ya next time!!

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